Holy tartan! Join Margy Mayhem and furry-pants Bowie for an epic mashup! We’ve thrown together two irresistible things synonymous with Scotland—Highland dancing and tartan, of course!

Did we mention you’ll be drillin’ and jiggin’ to punk and rock music?! We all have stress and strain in our lives, and what more joyful way to get rid of it than flingin’ it out! This hard rock Highland fitness class is part cardio, part stress-busting, part strengthening and all parts fun!

Starting with ya wee lil’ toes and moving all the way up to those jazzy hands, we’ll bust moves to stretch, warm-up and strengthen, before moving onto invigorating move/s inspired by Highland dance myths and legends. Once we’ve had a mini stretch we’ll move onto a cheeky challenge ahead of our cool-down stretch.

Suitable for all those that wish to continue or begin with their Scots-skills and drills. If you’ve never fling-ed – or flung, or even if you’ve had a wee fling-a-ling with us before, this class is for you!

We’re offering more fun challenges, drill and spills to get active, get energetic and unleash your inner Loch Ness! We’ll supply the ripping playlist and good times.

Wear a band tee and leggings or any comfy gear that allows movement, with socks or bare feet. Kilts are totally optional, but if ya do wear ‘em, remember to wear ya undies—yeah, we know, that’s not traditional—but neither are we! Otherwise if ya keen on some tartan—try donning a flanny!

Bring a water bottle, a towel if you’re a sweater, and extra layers in cooler weather.

Och aye ya wee flinger, we be jiggin’ ONLINE, ye’ll learn tae hooch and burl, it’ll be well braw ’n’ barry ’n’ aw! So dinnae faff aboot, get booked in the noo!

Translation: Oh yeah you good things, we’ll be flingin’ ONLINE, learning how to ‘hooch’ [Highland Reel dance cry] and ‘burl’ [Scots dance move], it’ll be super cool and fun and stuff! So don’t waste time, get booked in now!

Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.


This hard rock Highland fitness class is part cardio, part stress-busting, part strengthening and all parts fun!



Small steps lead to big combos, and before you know it, you’re flinging ya head off!

Plenty of extra challenges for the bravehearts, or lower impact options to suit all needs. Stretches and a few championship challenges will lead you to a well-deserved cool down stretch – whiskey optional.

No matter your level, you’ll get a Highland-HIIT workout that’ll leave you sweating and wanting more.