(No camera required)
User friendly guided meditation based on the Nidra yoga technique.

In desperate need of some quiet before your head explodes? This half-hour guided meditation sesh is one of the easiest and bestest things you could do for your stress levels. 

This little class of calm is based on the Nidra technique, a user-friendly form of deeeeeeep meditation known as yoga sleep. It's like scheduling a really high-quality nap. Plus people aren't allowed to disturb you; you're in class. HA!

You'll remain in savasana for most of the sesh and be gently guided through the practice. There’s no wrong way of doing the practice so there's no added pressure. You could even doze off if ya like. It gets pretty chill, like if you became a Care Bear and lived in their cloud paradise. Or something.

Wear your definition of comfy attire, get cozy and untangle some of those stressful knots that've been holding you back. Our guide's soothing tones will gently rock us through stormy seas, leading us toward self-awareness and well-being. Yeah noice.

IMPORTANT: Arrive 2-3 mins prior to start time. This allows you to settle in so you're in sync with the meditation-y vibes.

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