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While moving with us delivers its own rewards fun and social engagement, we understand motivation isn't always easy to come by. But our Rebel Rewards program is. You can start earning points by simply creating your own account. Different actions accumulate points, which can then be exchanged for discounts as they reach a certain point.
As above:
  • Creating an account earns you 200 sweeeeeet arsed points.
  • Logging in when you visit our website will earn you 50 points and
  • Each purchase* will earn you 5 points for every dollary doo you spend.
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Once your points count hits a certain number, you can redeem them to get yourself the jumper you've been eyeing off or replace your manky, torn leggings for a flash new pair. The system generates a code which can be applied on check out. You can save up your points for a big purchase or add them to your total do get some $$$ off. Your call.

*Purchases exclude Subscriptions and classes.