Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em Cause Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice Around Here!

Gotta love our next mini instalment from our ongoing collaboration with the excellent Cat Franke

Hello panthers + tigerrrs, check out our radasaurus High Summer collab with artist Cat. Here they are, demonstrating how bloody kewl you'll look in this range. 

It's the year of the Tigerrrrrrr and what better way to celebrate than chucking on some Cat Franke collab cat duds and looking like the champion we know you are mate.



Sad that summer's coming to an end? 

It's always shorts weather somewhere yeah?

With Rona lingering, shooting with collaborator Cat Franke is few and far between; all plans were stalled and put on hold. So we're stoked to share ongoning instalments from our collab series
- where we can!
This time we've gone bush, killing it creek-side with a noice mash up of bright pops.

In this adventure we've headed out bush and gone goth, with styling inspired by asking 'What would Siouxsie Sioux do in the bush?'.

And now you know.

[Thunder Pants Custom Shorts]

Not into skin-tight clothing on your tuckus? These old-school shorts offer maximum breathability. Brilliant as boxing shorts, rad as running shorts, and ace as athletic OR swim shorts, these do it all - and so will you when wearing ‘em. 

[Heartbreaker Custom Leotard]

Heartbreaker leotard, breakin' hearts all over the shop. Stop trying to think of how the song goes, coz it's NOT Mariah or Dionne. Just think when you don this you'll be struttin' around the joint singin'...

[Thunder Cat Custom Crop Tee] 

Stop! Crop and roll into your next workout with the CAT CROP tee! For those who live for a monochromatic moment or just love a screaming panther with bolts for eyes to tell people where to stick it...

Where it all started...

Punk and Cattitude; the perfect combo.

Alternative Women’s Fitness and Cat Franke have put our heads together to get you in the mood for all your daily activities; from vampire ass-kicking and to chilling with a beer. The custom logo is designed by hellraiser Ruth Mora @_meanmachine, inspired by Cat's very fave, iconic knee tattoo, combined with AWF's signature heart lightning bolt. Fuck yeahhhh.

[Fiercely Grunge Custom Cap]

This cap is the Acid Wash answer to the humble dad cap! Slap this baby on to stop the sun from distracting you from the finish line. 

[Thunder Down Under Custom Muscle Tank]

There's a Thunder Down Under and it's taken Melbourne by storm! Let 'em know you're a force to be reckoned with, make that workout beg for mercy then sing ya own praises round the block.

And let’s face it; who doesn’t want to rock a roaring panther shooting lightning bolts out of its eyes?

Not us.

Count us the hell in.