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High-intensity interval training (or HIIT for short) alternates intense periods of exermacise followed by brief rest periods. This version of HIIT is a martial arts-based collab with sister business SGP Fight Club from Mother Fluffing New York, USA, Mother Fluffers. 

Led by the Epic Boss, Sara, expect fast, fun and sweat-drenched sessions that might have you panting for more.

Boss Sara is a lifelong martial artist and amateur fighter, ready to teach you moves from a range of styles, including boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, Jiujitsu and more. As with all our classes, Boss Sara creates a welcoming space for all levels with simple watch-and-follow moves, core-focused workouts and what some have described as "brutal" cardio. 

You may transform into a pool of sweat. But don't let that scare you; It truly is an epic workout, where you're encouraged to work within your means and we believe in you!

You'll likely be doing a lot of grunting. If that's not something you want to share, feel free to mute up or join the grunt chorus with a pack of likeminded legends.

Have a towel ready to soak up the tsunami of sweat, dress warm to start so you can shed all the layers and have plenty of water handy. Use a mat or towel for any random floor work and bare feet are best!

The Coach will double as a DJ, serving up tunes via Zoom to keep you pumped and moving. Get ready for a workout that's gonna make you sweat, grunt, and feel like a total badass!