Our collaborator Carissa is a Noongar woman born on Wemba-Wemba country. She's a threat to triple threats as an actor, academic, writer, editor, cat mum, activist and all 'round hilarious legend.
Also, she bloody loves yoga, martial arts and Halloween. True story.

Our Carissa collab is designed around the space we give ourselves to connect with Country. Ya know, when you head out from the continual noise and motion of the city, take a deep breath and clear all the muck out of your brain.


Not just for the outdoors, Carissa's elegance and versatility shines through in pieces including a quintessential checked jacket and matching stuff. 

This range features pieces that will allow you to wander in comfort, to take it all in and reset.

Observe the beauty of your surroundings, breathe in the smell of trees, make new friends with furry creatures and follow the birdsong. Getting lost in it all is up to you.

While people talk of how quiet the bush is, we all know there are heaps of ecosystems, flora and fauna societies etc going on at once. It's a world within a world within a world, one you can immerse yourself in with the right gear to look after you.

It can be good to take a buddy or two to share your thoughts on the way back via a country bakery or pub. Adventuring is fuckin' thirsty work.

Feel ready for sudden changes in the weather with pieces you can layer up or peel off as needed. We're always about being sunsmart with pieces that offer protection without suffocating your skin.

Give back to the environment by choosing a piece made from recycled materials, remembering that each of our pieces are made to order which avoids over production and reduces resource consumption. Noice.

 Walk yourself up to a lookout like the one at Mount Donna Buang with alpine ash (or woollybutt - excellent) trees and sub-alpine snow gums feathering out onto the horizon. 

Being above the trees can offer a fresh perspective, especially if you're looking to answer something that's been bugging you. For Carissa, the fact that Halloween isn't all year round may not be solvable but our OG tiger leggings can add a splash of pumpkin until she figures that one out.

Ready to take a hike from your hike? Take time to cool down or refuel. 

The checked headband and or scrunchie can take care of any hair issues or soak up sweaty wrists to keep you looking fresh. The only thing you want to be distressed is ya jacket material hey. 


Once a clearing breeze has risen through your mind and body, you should be ready to head home and face all the things with a refreshed outlook. And no chaffing. And hopefully treats from aforementioned country bakeries. 


Model/ Ambassador: Carissa
Photographer: Head Coach