Welcome to REHIT, where we unleash the primal power of high-intensity intervals and it’s all done and dusted in just 10 minutes! We're on a mission to combat the risks of inactivity associated with cardiovascular disease and other major health concerns. Prepare to channel your inner power as you evade the chase in a heart-pounding sprint session like no other.

What to Expect:

  • Warm-Up (3 mins): Begin your journey with a swift warm-up to awaken your senses and prime your body for the imminent chase. Feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you prepare to outrun the imaginary tiger.
  • MAX Intensity Tiger Sprint (20 secs): The chase begins! Summon every ounce of strength and speed as you sprint with the intensity of escaping a tiger hot on your heels. Your survival instincts kick in as you push yourself to the limit.
  • Rest (2 mins): Catch your breath and let your heart rate settle during break period. Take this time to recover fully, knowing that one more sprint awaits.
  • MAX Intensity Tiger Sprint (20 secs): The tiger's roar echoes in the distance as you gear up for another adrenaline-fueled sprint. Embrace the challenge and sprint as if your life depends on it.
  • Cool Down (2 mins): As the chase comes to an end, ease your body back into a state of calm with a gentle cool-down.

Shit year Science! This session is inspired by a study to determine the effectiveness of reduced-exertion high-intensity interval training (REHIT) at improving cardiorespiratory endurance.

Join us for Tiger REHIT and experience the thrill of the chase in just 10 minutes. Evade the tiger, unleash your inner power in the ultimate sprint showdown. Or maybe you’re the Tiger chasing away imminent issues through lack of movement. Are you ready to outrun the odds?
*Please check with your health pro if you have concerns prior to joining these sessions.

(You can participate standing, seated, or lying down) - No equipment required!

Can you spare 10 minutes here and there (Ideally 3 times a week) for a minimum of 8 weeks?


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