(Camera optional)

If you can’t sneeze, laugh, or cough without leaking a bit of wee, you’re not alone. Problems with the pelvic floor are common and can happen to anyone. Perhaps you experience lower back pain or all of the above?

Welcome to our pelvic movement class with a focus on the Pelvic region! Yep, you guessed it right – we'll be on the floor, dishing out some serious TLC 'down under' for your pelvic area. This sesh is also perfect for those battling endometriosis!

Picture this: gentle movements that make your pelvis go "Ahhhh", a combination of breathwork, gentle strengthening and stretch.

We've got the classic Child's Pose – like giving your lower back and hips a big warm hug. Then there's the Cat-Cow Stretch, where you'll be moo-ving and meow-ing your way to a happier pelvic floor. Oh geez… who wrote this…

Bridge Pose will most likely be on the menu – because who doesn't want a bridge to better pelvic health? And don't forget about the reclined Bound Angle Pose, argh yes! (It’s your Coaches all-time fave - but she likes to support with blocks or cushions ;)) It’s like this pose gives your pelvic floor a little vacay.

And let's not forget about those Pelvic Tilts – the secret weapon against pelvic pain.

So, if you're keen to get bendy, breathe deeply and have a giggle along the way, this class is for you!

See you on the mat, have blocks or cushions to help support and your curated playlist we’ll issue so you can rock that pelvis to the beat or to your own breath. You choose. It’s your pelvic practice and you’re encouraged to move at a pace that suits along with modifying moves to suit you on the day.