Kimbo's keeping our tribute to the Seattle sound, Heart House, under wraps. So come as you are, we'll give ya something to wrap them bones in. We promise.⁠.. 

Have you been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks? Time to get out and among it in our new Heart House Hub range.

Inspired by 90s stuff like grunge, rrrriot grrrrls and lots of other cool shit, this range features a few staples to keep your wardrobe classic and comfy. As always there's loads to wear in class or, when we're allowed to, out with your mates.

Don't stay away, we've got new bits for your doll parts. The Heart House collection celebrates our love of grunge and the casual aesthetic it became known for. We've got loaaaaaads of new styles and classic pieces to keep you looking radasaurus rex.⁠

Don't speak! Kimbo's listening to some tops feminist podcasts and can't hear yas anyways. Draped in our comfy Heart House collection you'll also be at one with the vines and yourself. 

More still to come!