So, what ARE we? AMS is very much a community, one that welcomes club members interested in health, strength, balance and increased mobility. We provide a fun and inclusionary movement hub with an alternative twist (literally and figuratively).

We respect differences, promote inclusive language (although we recognise there’s always more we can learn) and aim to provide a safe, judgement-free space in which everyone’s curiosity about movement can flourish. Everyone 18 and over that is (unless stated otherwise).

Our membership is made up of gender-diverse folks from all kinds of occupations, health levels and skills. Most of us share a love of rock, punk and alt-music. We tend to get excited when someone’s pet crosses the screen. But don’t worry if you’re camera shy – we’re all usually busy doing our own thing to notice anyone else until a fluffy or feathered friend decides to join in.

Members join up for several different reasons; to increase confidence, improve health, become more flexible, use strength-building techniques to manage pain, learn relaxation techniques or simply because they enjoy movement. No matter what your reason is, you’ll be supported.

Some of our classes offer camera-off options and these can also be negotiated with our coaches. We do not generally tape our sessions to ensure privacy.

What kinds of classes do you offer? Over the years we have sought out some pretty kick arse Coaches locally and from across the globe, who offer non-traditional classes with themes that you wouldn’t usually expect. Each class has a curated soundtrack and maybe themed during certain times of the year.

Head Coach Sab plans our schedules around fun movement options, wellness and adaptive classes to ensure there are options for every body’s body. She also provides comic relief and boosts morale. Our coaches are welcoming, enthusiastic and well-versed in the impacts of injury. We always offer options to take the pressure off vulnerable areas while still building your strength and confidence.

You can book your classes the same week as you do them, working to your schedule. Most of our sessions require no specialist equipment so you won’t be burning a hole in your pocket getting kitted out. We offer even more flexibility with membership so you can book as you feel or go casual and pay as you go. Nice.

Why the new name? We think our team and club members are a pretty great bunch. We’d love to share that with a wider demographic.

If you want to start building your strength, increase your mobility or are looking to explore your curiosity about movement, and wish to do so in a welcoming environment, have a squizz at our schedule.
Not sure where to start? Drop Head Coach Sab a line and let her know what your goals are or what areas you’d like to focus on. 

We hope to see you in class soon. And your pets too.