Welcome to Alternative Movement Studio.

Formerly Alternative Women's Fitness, is a studio with a long history of inclusion and innovation, particularly with LGBTQIA+ peoples. We provide a mostly online, community-centred space for those not into mainstream exercise environments. Instead, our focus is on the joy of movement to a rocking soundtrack.

Our classes and pricing are aimed to encourage engagement from those who wouldn’t usually have access to a studio like ours. We collaborate with similar independent studios and coaches across the world, providing a variety of classes so there’s the proverbial mix of something for everyone. And we deliver all that using language that respects difference but is sweary and casual.

Our activewear label, Alternative Activewear, reflects our outsider style and crew. AMS works on ambassador collaborations throughout the year, producing stylish workout gear for humans who know that style never goes out of fashion. 

We’d love to welcome you into our new iteration as part of a team of deadset legends.

See you on the mat.

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