This collection is for Rebel Souls who live life to the full. Add another string to your bow, follow your passions and learn something new all while rocking comfy and stylish gear.

Inspired by crew member Shae (aka Slayer), the Rebel Soul range is for those who want to rock n roll all night and party (almost) every day. Slayer's well trained ears serve her well as an Audiology student at Melbourne Uni, indulging her love of KISS and The Donnas. Slayer is devoted to the gorgeous Pipkin and Lola - her two zoomy mad tuxedo cats who've graced us with their presence in the occasional class. Pipkin loves belly rubs. Lola loves food. 

Shae likes to kick + punch shit (in class that is) and reckons our leggings are second to none when it comes to comfort mate.

Shae's hobbies include looking stylish AF as she runs from one gig to another, taking some time to hold up some walls.

Making honey while the sun shines (and even when it doesn't) Slayer's range is built for nothing but a good time. Durable and cool as, it don't get better than this. 

These custom items work with your everyday life while being gentle on the environment. They take a bit longer, but isn't anticipation half the fun?


Adventure Shae - in which we test the durability of our new range against Shae's intrepid spirit.

Hot food, hot range. 

Shae's ready for a magical mystery tour in comfort and style hey.


Bored waiting for the bus? Breathe easy with a dance break.

Are we there yet? Oh yeah, we are. Time to get amongst the gum trees and show off your swirly frock to the kookaburras.

Shae's natural beauty blends perfectly with all this natural beauty. 

The thing about being an adventurous spirit is that you may find yourself freezing off your footsies in fishnets, even as you go with the flow.

Heat yourself back up with a beanie and rock 'n' roll top, ready for a game of hide and seek or some lovely tree hugging.

Who doesn't love rock and roll? You can put another dime in our juke box any day baby, come and take your time and dance with us - owwwwww. Guitar break!

Some of you may be familiar with the print above - we've rehashed an old family fave, to say thaaaaanks for the memories. Let the good times roll!


Shae's so cool she made the temperature drop. Thankfully it's easy to cosy up in our new distressed melting heart print hoodie.

Keep an eye out for bright eyed dolls, layering up down by the riverside.

Top off your ensemble with a cute as pom pom. Head Coach reckons this shot would be a cool album cover (Hint hint, Shae).

Shae goes wild for our Wild One leggings, looking to the future and her next adventure.

Shae celebrates the end of another perfect adventure with a pop of pink pom poms to keep her brain warm and her future plans from escaping. 


 From nature to nuture, Shae keeps her cool with a bit of backyard biffo.

(And yes, we sell actual Adidas boxing gloves on our site, they're pretty plush hey).

Boop! Shae keeps her flow going with gear that allows you to move freely. Some of our fabrics even have moisture wicking, so you're not drenched in a sweaty downpour as you go hard in class.

Head Coach (+ Head Designer Sab) always puts a smile on our faces with her awesome pics, showing off Shae's Rebel Soul in this tops (and bottoms) range. Go have a squizz. xxx