You may have noticed some recent changes on our social medias. In some places our ‘Alternative Women’s Fitness’ name has started changing over to Alternative Movement Studio. NO, we’ve not been taken over by anyone, Head Coach has changed our name officially.

So, what’s with that hey?

The last few years have been transformative in a number of ways for us all, to state the bloody obvious. AWF took classes online, opening us up to partnerships with sister businesses all over the world. And now we’re ready for one more big step; refocusing our club to align more with our mission statements. As crew know, we like to present an accessible grass roots alternative to unhealthy, competitive gym culture and instead encourage our crew to move for their own reasons, in an environment that is accepting and fun. To reinforce this, we are also taking a different approach to the language we use, hence our new name; Alternative Movement Studio.


Yeah mate, don’t worry. We are still rocking a punk attitude and kick arse tunes. We will be bringing some of our regular classes along and we plan to make them even more inclusive. It won’t be a free for all but; AMS is still very much aimed at those who don’t feel comfortable in a mainstream environment. We will, for example, be teaming up with more queer friendly venues for IRL events and offering classes that allow new parents to have a space to move without worrying that they can’t leave baby. Plus, our prices will remain at the lower end, with pass options so you can choose what works best for you. AMS will also continue to provide alternate moves for those who have injuries or chronic conditions.

But Why the Change?

It’s our hope that by opening ourselves up, making a few tweaks and using a less restrictive name that we will encourage more people to move and have fun while doing so. Due to Head Coach’s endo battles we are also hoping to provide assistance/classes to those with chronic illness and mobility issues. We believe movement can help people, so having the word in our name just makes sense to us.

If you have any questions about the changes feel free to message Head Coach Sab, she’s always happy to have a chat.

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