When things are grim you can get by with your crew and/or some Pretty Things Head Coach has put together to stimulate the eyeballs. Gee shes a talented boss.

We're stoked to collab with Rach on this one, loving the loud af vintage and retro vibes. And we say to the world: Who says you can't thrive in your own way when things are grim? We do what we want.

This look is so cool, it holds up a wall. As you can see.


Filthy, floral and flirty, that's ambassador Rach, sharing her love of community and movement even when just traversing the stairs. She's that brand loyal. Thanks Rach mate.

We all need to have a lean sometimes, so why not do it in comfort and style like Rach?

A lover of Stephen King, Rach is always on the look out for pet semataries, rising red balloons and clowns in drains. 'Cause all work and no play makes Rach a something something.

Feeling rusty? With bright op shop worthy florals, leopard print and cuddly jackets this classic collection is designed to keep you feeling pretties on the inside even when your outlook feels grim. 

Rach is ready for all weather in this clashing ensemble, topped off with Life Less Common sunnies to protect her peepers from those UV rays.

Bike pants? Check!
Tank top? Check!
All over checked jacket? Check maaaaate.

Rach is stoked to be hitting up our classes (and the streets) in clashing prints that make you look like you were dumped out of an op shop cookie cutter. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Ambassador Rach wrote us a letter and said she can't live without these tiger print leggings no more. And who are we to stop her from getting back to these lethal leggin's once more?

Comfy, cool and stylish, just like a tigerrrrrrrrrrr.

Hit up a class, gig or go to the library in this versatile range.

Go frock yaself in this flattering, floral, full feather garment. Styled here with a bum bag, vintage belt and classy arsed sunnies, you can wear it however ya want. Add a distressed denim jacket or let the frock do the work. 

Um, scuze moi, there's pockets in this dress... And you're worth it.
[Styled with Rach's own Vintage belt]

Rach heads into the future looking bloody kewl and strong AF.

Inspired by a few of our favourite things, this collab with ambassador Rach is aimed at utilising clothes as armour when you're feeling grim but want to project the pretty.