MIMIC MOVES [Functional Movement]

(Camera optional) - In this session, we focus on movements that seamlessly translate into your everyday life. Led by Coach Rach, who juggles her passion for movement with her other life as a hairdresser, this class is designed to enhance your functional mobility and strength.

Picture yourself effortlessly bending to tie your shoelaces, maintaining balance while popping on your socks and undies or reaching for items with ease. Drop the keys? no problem, we’ve got your back. These movements, often repetitive yet essential, form the backbone of our daily routines.

We'll delve into a variety of practical exercises, from rotational movements for grabbing the remote, reaching for snacks to carrying pets or washing around the house. Strengthening your core will provide the necessary stability for activities like rising from a chair or ascending stairs with confidence.

All you need for this session is a chair and a wall, snacks optional. Join us as we refine your ability to tackle life's demands with grace and epic af strength.

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