If you're all about our WEIGHTS classes, you're gonna absolutely LURRRVE LIFT, my friend! This session is tailor-made for all you bad arse babes who wanna take things to the next level. We're talkin' a good ol' fashioned, straight-up liftin' sesh. Come join us for a watch-'n'-follow-style class that'll have you loadin' up, and, trust me, our carefully curated playlist will have you feelin' pumped AF!

But hold up, this is definitely NOT a scored sesh or part of any weird, cultish competition. This boutique session is all about takin' ya strength and power to new heights by working with heavier weights (if ya got 'em). There ain't gonna be any drillin' or yelling in class, don't worry. Your Coach is chill as hell, super friendly and always has alternative options if you need 'em.

We're all about creating an inclusive, supportive environment for you to get your pump on. If you ever feel like takin' a breather or droppin' some weight during class, no sweat! We’ve got ya back, no questions asked. So come join, and let's smash those strength goals together!

If you have a variety of hand weights or kettlebells, we recommend bringing them all along. In time, you should progress and will need heavier weights, which you can nab from the local shops or second-hand.

Wear something comfy that allows free movement, go with socks or bare feet. Don't forget your water bottle and if you're loading up wearing sneakers is advised. Please note that our playlist and classes might contain adult themes, so expect nothing less than grown-up vibes. Our Head Coach is also a bit of a swear bear.


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