It's getting hot out there and the goth in us is melting. Rather than run back into our Bauhaus and find The Cure, we've decided to bring our own style to the sweaty mix.

With a mutal dislike for the beach Head Coach/Designer/goth leaning Sab and Boss Witch Kimbo have produced a mash up. The range features some brightly coloured pieces and essential black options to make your #gothgrrrlsummer the hottest on record. Figuratively speaking.

Boss Witch Kimbo was keen as to get into the kit, throwing some shapes poolside and modelling the shit out of the range.

These pics were taken by Head Designer slash Coach, Sab, at a secret inner Melbourne suburban location. With a pool. Fuck yeah. The weather must have been steaming, otherwise how else would we have got these 2 in the water?

(Just quietly: we're pretty sure the pool was heated and like completely sure Sab was in the pool fully dressed to get the shots. Now THAT'S dedication. You. Are. Welcome).

Get ready to do the monster splash in these tigerrr print togs in a horrror colourrrway. 

Make your peeps green with envy as they enter the pool with togs that heaps aren't as cool as these.

Looking for more? We've got you mate.

Your outfit wouldn't be complete without some Life Less Common sunnies, right? 
Like a parasol for ya eyes, these locally designed sunnies make poolside outfits stylish as fuck.


Have splish and a splash under the extra cover of our tanks. And don't forget your 1 million+ sunscreen. 


Feel fresh as fuck while taking a dip in style and comfort. 

This Rashie is set to become everyone's fave go to. Just sayin'.

Spacewear? Activewear? swimwear? playwear? You decide. Kimbo can't wait to give them a swirl and twirl at her next pool partay. 

A noice warm day should always end with a cool dip yeah? Soak up the swirly twirls and explore the waters. 

Argh, the serenity! This collection's going straight to the pool.

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