Forget the Weight vs. Bodyweight Debate?

We're blending the best of both worlds or, if you'd rather go without weights, it's entirely up to you!

Get set for PURE STRENGTH, where every move has a purpose. The class kicks off with a lively flowy warm-up, prepping your body for the next stage of the sesh. We then shift into bodyweight strength moves that can amp up flexibility and help reduce injury risks. 

Then, there’s the option to develop muscle mass by tossing in some hand weights for good measure. Towards the end, we'll wind it all down with a cruisy AF stretch.

PURE STRENGTH is a commitment to levelling up your quality of life. Unleash your potential to live life to the max by building strength that supports your everyday activities.

Join the PURE STRENGTH movement class, where the focus is on firing up your strength and embarking on your journey to a stronger, healthier, happier you! Yas!

Our favourite part? The mental boost that comes with physical strength. Motivation might come from the curated tracks we've lined up for the sesh – crank up the volume at your end to suit your vibes on the day.

For your comfort, we recommend dressing warmly and being prepared to shed layers as you heat up. Sneakers are a must, especially if you're loading up on weight. Keep water handy to stay hydrated. For added support during certain moves, have a nearby wall or chair ready, and use a mat or rug for floor exercises. 

Have at least two sets of dumbbells, one heavy and one light-ish. Over time, as you gain strength, feel free to adjust the intensity and your weights to suit.

Leave your camera on so the Coach can keep an eye on everyone, offering alternative moves or variations for those who might need it.

This is your chance to elevate your heart health, soak up the posi vibes with regular movement and most importantly, get the fuck amongst it with friends! Please note that our playlist and classes might contain adult themes, so expect nothing less than grown-up vibes. 

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