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TONE like there's no tomorrow!!!

LOW IMPACT; Strength Training
Mel can modify and work back with every individual's injury and or aliments.
You are encouraged and supported throughout every session; there are no competitions,

Just a focus on YOU!


"Life is ours, we live it our way, all these words I don't just say, and nothing else matters…"
- Metallica

This wicked strength building session.

Break out your bandana and get ready for the hard-CORE workout of your dreams!

No Jumping, No running. Yay!

Our Master of sculpting, Mel makes toning FUN;
LOW IMPACT routines that will have you leaving with a sweat drenched tank and a tighter tooshie.
Sculptallica is about giving you the POWER to grow strong through full body strength training using various hand weights, resistance bands and body weight techniques.

Gals, why wait?
Let's get firm, get STRONG + Sculpt - TONE like there's no tomorrow!!!


"...they have fostered such a fun and supportive environment for women to exercise. Whether it is high fiving your partner at the top of your sit-ups, everybody joining in on the repetition countdowns or having a chat at the start of the class, there is no shrinking quietly into the background when there are so many friendly faces who just want to rock out with you."
- Larissa Thorne (Lifestyle Editor) - drop dead gorgeous daily
full article here >>>

"I have a firm belief in equality for all, and aim to conduct my classes with an emphasis on creating safe spaces for groups and a welcoming environment for all. Through my experience and studies it has given me a strong belief in the importance of physical exercise to have a healthy mind body and spirit." - Mel

Suitable for beginner – intermediate levels.
*Suitable for most fitness levels.

No experience required! 

If you are not sure; email your enquiry NOW to;


What do I wear to the sessions?

  • Comfy gear that allows movement
  • Socks or bare feet
  • Bring extra layers particularly in the cooler weather... 

We supply equipment.

My back always hurts can I do Sculptallica®?
If you have a serious condition; This session may not be suitable. Get the ‘all clear from your professional + always ensure your concerns are discussed with the trainer PRIOR to commencing any session.

I’m Pregnant can I do Sculptallica®?
Our trainer can alter movements to suit, however we don't recommend.
Sculptallica® during pregnancy should be practiced with extreme caution due to all the changes going on in your body.
Please always let your instructor know if you are pregnant / or planning pregnancy.

Can Sculptallica® hurt your joints?
Sculptallica® does not hurt your joints if performed properly. If you have any joint pains or injuries then you should talk to your professional and make sure that have the ‘all clear’ to attend Sculptallica®.

    Ensure you arrive 5-10 mins prior to the start of your session.