Welcome back to the cult classic, SCULPTALLICA®! Are you ready for a workout that's all about workin’ ya bod without the need for endless cardio? Look no further, because it's right here and it's back with a vengeance!

As one of the very first classes on our schedule, SCULPTALLICA® is the OG bodyweight (and occasional random objects) strengthening session you've been searching for. Say goodbye to running and jumping – our focus is on slow balancing movements and bodyweight techniques that will leave you feeling strong af.

For this session, all you need is a water bottle, a sweat towel and a carpet area or yoga mat. Don't be surprised if we incorporate random objects like cushions or books into our exercises – it's all part of the fun!

Wear clothes that allow you to move freely without any restrictions. Feel free to layer up depending on the season and your body's temperature regulation, but remember, bare feet are the way to go for this workout.

Get ready for strictly grown-up sweaty sessions, sprinkled with a attitude and swear words! It's a treat for your body and your mind, so buckle up and prepare to unleash your inner strength while movin' to the curated playlist. 

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