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We are not a fucking gym.

Alternative Women's Fitness is a DIY project that aims to foster an environment where everyone can thrive. We provide fun and unique sessions that cater to all fitness levels, as well as offering the opportunity to meet like-minded people in a fun atmosphere.

AWF has a strong focus on rad music to work out to and alternative options. Our classes are not what you'll find in a gym, and we pride ourselves on being different.
AWF sessions have something to suit everyone’s tastes - from busting out unique moves at Rock Aerobix, mastering martial arts fundamentals, blissing out at Yoga for Rockers, toning head to toe at Sculptallica, to the grimmest barre class in town Metal Mayhem Ballet Move®. And that’s just a little of what we’ve got in store. To check out the haps at AWF, have a suss of the Programs > Bookings.

At AWF, we’re all about positive encouragement and supportive vibes for our recruits, with none of that macho bullshit. Our founder
Sabina Turner had a dream to create a place where fierce women could get together, have a sweet time and enjoy fitness in a new way.
AWF has exploded into something she never thought possible, and it continues to grow.

The opening of the Thornbury CLUBhouse was a huge milestone for AWF - after 4 years, we finally have a place to call home. Before the Clubhouse, AWF classes took place at a variety of locations in Melbourne's north. Despite our nomadic lifestyle, we had a loyal following of recruits and legendary trainers who’ve supported us every step of the way. We believe this is testament not only to how rockin' our gals are, but also the fact that AWF is not just a place to get fit - we have built a community. xxx
So what the bloody hell are you waiting for?

Join our AWF team of game changers and go against the grain.