? Measure around the smallest part
?Measure around the widest part
XS 64 90
S 68 94
M 72 98
L 80 106
XL 88 114
2XL 96-100 122-126
3XL 104-108 130-134
4XL 112-116 138-142
5XL 120-124 146-150
6XL 128-132 154-158



? Meassure around the nipple line
? Measure around the smallest part
XS 84 64
S 88 68
M 92 72
L 100 80
XL 108 88
2XL 116 96


Measurements in cm's / centimeters

(Body Measurements NOT garment measurements) 


‘What size do I need?’ can be a question with many mysterious answers, depending on who makes the garment you are buying. This can make buying online a bit of a lottery. We reckon though if you use info you have to hand (your body) in tandem with our size chart, you’ll have a tops chance of finding what you need.

We suggest starting with measuring yourself when buying the garment and, as above, using our super snazzy sizing chart. What you are looking at on the chart are Body Measurements, NOT garment measurements. Match your measurements to find the fit you want.

‘Yeah but how do I measure myself?’ – we know, it can be tricky. If you have a bud who can hold the tape measure for you or take down the numbers it makes things a bit easier. Don’t trust your cat or dog though as they may eat the tape, and it doesn’t have a whole heap of nutrients.

BUT FIRST: The measuring tape must be horizontal against the body, make sure it doesn’t bunch or twist! If it does you won’t get accurate numbers.


Give this a bash

BUSTAL AREA: With your arms down by your side and slightly apart (see – heaps easier with a mate), measure around the fullest part of your boobs and under your arms. This can be across the nipples, but many breasts are different sizes, even when on the same chest.

WAIST: Don't forget to breathe. Stay calm! When you manage to relax, measure the part around the narrowest bit of your natural waistline. Keep the tape just snug enough to be comfortable - not too tight; you want the garment to sit nicely.


HIPS: Do this standing. Place your feet and legs together and measure around the fullest part of your hips.

Don’t forget that measurements can change due to all kinds of reasons. Don’t assume the measurements you may have written down a year ago are still right now. We all change in ways that might not be noticeable.

★ Once you have your measurements, check out the super helpful description of each product for more details relating to the garment’s fit. Details like ‘loose’ or ‘fitted’ give you an idea of the garment’s shape and how it will sit on your body.

And if you need any more direction, let us know. We’re very nice and happy to help as much as we can.