Most of our classes are strictly 18+ (unless otherwise specified). We don’t mind swear words, – we love ‘em! But NO prejudiced language of any sort is permitted. Our Coaches like to let their hair down and expect participants to join in.

We're stoked ya wanna join us! But have ya booked in? Once you've booked you’ll receive a booking confirmation via email (SO CHECK YOUR JUNK).

Classes will be LIVE online via ZOOM.

Zoom is available for Mac and PC/Android. So you should be able to use ya computer/laptop, tablet or phone if you get desperate. If you have the technology we recommend streaming from your computer to a large screen, like your telly.

You can use the internet browser or you can choose to download the app.

You’ll need to download the app.

CLASSES ARE SH!T WITHOUT MUSIC. Each class will be issued with curated SPOTIFY playlist (updated regularly). HINT: Don’t shuffle the playlist. It’s best to download prior and have it ready to go so you can turn that sh!t up to 11!

*If you’re on a mobile/ tablet, chances are you won’t be able to have the playlist running at the same time.Yeah this sucks, so see if you can tee up another way to listen to the designated SPOTIFY playlist

No, we don’t record our sessions, so you can ‘do it laters’…

As you can imagine, coaches will start ON TIME and might not be able to see or add you after the start time. Official lockout time is after 5mins, it’s okay if you were with us early and your net cuts out, just try to jump back in!

EARLY! We don’t want ya to miss anything important, so be sure to arrive 5-15 mins prior to the start of your session – settle in and make sure you’re ready to rock!. You can always login early to chat with others OR while you’re waiting – go feed the cat, go to the dunny…

Ya won’t need much room to participate. Aim for a minimum of around a large towel or yoga mat floor size, and we might pan from standing to floor work, so be prepared to adjust your camera if required.

You’ll need to hear the Coach during class. The Coach will mute all participants during class/es and may choose to unmute participants either side of the class for some social times.

Well apart from being able to do classes with other likeminded legends, you’ll have a Coach who can provide ya with live encouragement, feedback and make adjustments if needed. We’ll do our best to not single anyone individually out. Live classes are a top way to stay accountable, boom!

Yup, Most devices have a built in webcam, bingo! Ideally we’d like to see you, that’s the point of going LIVE right!? The Coach will need to see ya – so they can make sure you’re all good! (Unless the Coach says otherwise, pls leave on)

Please be forthcoming on any feedback you have for us. Eff knows we need it, so flick us a message.