Most AMS classes are available exclusively online, there may from time to time be a small offering delivered IRL. Online sessions allow us to deliver heaps of options to get you moving, delivered by Coaches from all over the globe, while keeping classes affordable

Keeping classes online means you control the environment;

  • Keep the temperature at a level you prefer
  • Have pets and ammenities nearby
  • Enjoy the wind releasing pose without alerting everyone to your farty bum bum
  • You don't have to travel or anticipate extreme external weather events
  • You can jump into a comfy shower/ bath straight after class
  • Not sharing the space with others means less germs, so less chances to become ill
  • Not sharing the space with others also means those of you not heaps comfortable socially don't have to place ourselves under undue pressure. Although our crew and Coaches are both very noice and heaps inclusive.

Online spaces help you reduce any overriding feelings of competition or judgement. Our Coaches will provide options, depending on your mobility and strength. With everyone preoccupied with doing their own thing you'll be in a safe space to do yours.

If you have any further questions about the format of our classes or have specific injuries, mobilities or chronic illnesses to consider please do let us know so we can work with you.