If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise: our cool new, spooky range being modelled by Kris the Devil.

Kris has teamed our Megabat shirt with one of our great new legging prints range featuring spun webs and scary/adorable batty bats that you'll want to keep in your belfry.

Like Kris you can form your own pack with the dogs of hell, who are attracted to cool peeps, spider webs and lickable foundation.
Beware the power of their snuggles.

Be prepared for the uninitiated who wander the woods lost and alone, shocked by how bloody unreal your top looks. 

You can bring out the smelling salts or claim the wanderer as your own, initiating them into your coven.

Just like Kris, our Night Shadow range is here to help. And gather more followers probably.

Draw power from the dark forces in the woods, smite your enemies, curse some landlords, manifest a never ending box of Savoury Shapes. All while looking stylish af.

As the moon rises and the temperature drops, Kris is ready for a night of mystery and spooky adventures in this cosy as sweater.

All our sweaters are built for Hell Raising, but especially this one which is great for lurking and freaking people out. Good times.

Kris takes a deep breath and harnesses the power of the tank before unleashing the full strength of her power.

Looking into the future, Kris spies a new selection of yoga mats which she will draw into her seductive web.

Look away, new yoga mats, Kris is coming for you! 

Having drawn all power from the universe in her new range of active [play] wear, Kris is now ready to unleash havoc and gather the dogs [,bats and cats] of hell for a well deserved evil nap.

Quick, get yourself some of our new pieces while her circle of power is at rest!