This glorious new monstera print is an original cross-pollination with popular artist Kelsie Kosmic and plant mum Rach. We almost wet our plants waiting to lay roots with Kelsie and graft a new print. And just like that; it's sprouted.

    A hybrid of all our fave greens, this print digs deep, with contrasting bright hues that we're very frond of. 

    Finding green spaces is not always easy for everyone so we're bringing lush greenery to you.

    We're always trying to figure out ways to do better, both with design and how we make stuff. And this new species is part of that.

    This species will help you look toward a greener future: because our new collection (like all our custom merch), is made up to order. That means less waste and less energy consumption. And less chemicals to help produce happier frolicy plants. 

    You may have also noticed by now that while we are very frond of plant and leopard print in particular, we lurrrrrrrve all kinds of animal print. If you can't pat it, may as well wear it (in a vegan way).

    With this range you can bring your plants with you and feel rooted to your garden without carrying heavy pots on the tram. 

    Spread your seed, grab some fresh air and remind everyone that it can be easy being green.

    This new gear will help unfurl conversations with fellow plant lovers, leading to new activities, fun times and possibly some soil turning.

    Show your plants you root for them with this print, or mix and matching the Monstera with other prints in our range.

    Check out the germination of our clashy curated prints and create your own hybrid.