Ready to dive into the zen af zone with LUSH YIN? It's your ticket to tranquillity, wrapped up in a yoga experience that's all about taking it slow and embracing some serious self-love.

Picture this: you, cozied up in comfy gear (socks or barefoot, your call), sinking into longer yoga postures that practically melt stress away. We're talking a laid-back, introspective version of Yoga that's like a big bloody warm hug. LUSH YIN YOGA is your escape from the chaos of daily life, the yin to your yang. It's 45 minutes of pure "me time" where you can tell your inner demons to back off while you bask in the afterglow of serenity. Think of it as a spa day minus the travel and hefty price tag.

Fully chillax by dimming the lights and let the soothing vibes take over. Extra layers are welcome for the chilly types and don't forget your water bottle, blanket, blocks, strap, pillow and a bit of floor space for a large towel (or yoga mat if you've got one stashed in the back of the cupboard somewhere). And if your mind decides to run a million miles an hour, crank up the tunes, we've got a curated playlist to drown out the noise – 'cause, let's be real, there's always a billions of things on that list.

So, why not carve out 45 minutes a week for some well-deserved R&R? Trust us, your future self will thank you. Step onto your space, what on those fairy lights and let your Coach be your guide and let stillness. 

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