Into the classics? Then this class is totally en pointe, just not literally! Reach pretty much every muscle in ya bod, sometimes even those you didn't realise you had.

Barre Classic is a full-body workout inspired by elements of ballet, infused with yoga and pilates. Weights may be incorporated into combinations depending on the class plan. A mixture of core work, stretching and tiny but effective repeated movements help improve balance and strength, which in turn can increase mobility. 

Your expert Coach will lead you, guiding you through breathing exercises to distract from the work or life itself.

Who doesn’t love a quick escape? Each stage of the class has a focus from legs to core, to the upper body. Expect to get pretty damned hot, pretty damned quick. 

This class is suitable for most levels but you will be encouraged to work within your means, allowing you to either take it down a notch or challenge yourself further as appropes. 

To keep you engaged during the more demanding moves, we curate and issue playlists. This makes it easier to stay committed and navigate through the sesh.

In addition to the occasional hand weight or two, you'll need a mat, a door frame or chair for support and a towel or rug. Choose comfortable workout attire that allows for movement, though not too loose. You can opt for socks or go barefoot, but be prepared to break a sweat. Dress in layers for the cool-down and keep a hand towel and a water bottle within reach.

Feel free to have furry friends along, but ensure they don't interfere with your balance exercises. Safety is our top priority, even as we welcome beloved pets into your space.

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