Sharing her epic enlightenment with us all the way from Portland, Oregon in the good ol’ U.S. of A., is our Master Coach and fierce af yogi APRIL FOX. April was born in Detroit, Michigan and has spent some time living in Melbourne (Australia). 2014 was a big year for April, as it was the year she moved to Portland and started teaching yoga, too. April loves to move, dance and run.
"I really enjoy terrible jokes, good books and great music."

April lives by the following rules:

  • Question everything
  • Move every day
  • Do things you kind of suck at
  • Laugh at yourself
  • Never stop seeking joy

​April's credo for teaching is from Galileo Galilei..."We cannot teach people anything. We can only help them discover it within themselves."  
Let's discover stuff together - April Fox

Boss Coach Sara is a lifelong martial artist and amateur fighter. As a southpaw hitter with the ability to switch without warning, this fighter from Syracuse of the US of A will keep ya on your toes during our martial arts and boxing classes.

She's high energy and ready to help you work up a sweat.

Margy is a perfectly balanced beer-lovin' blonde barre-teaching blend of tartan, chaos, punk, metal, and dork. Our master of Barre, HIIT, LIIT, weights and a Highlander spending 15+ years competing across the country in Highland Dancing, qualifying for teaching through exams and tough training. A battle with mental health and an eating disorder meant a long break from flingin', where Margy took a journey of recovery and learning to love herself. Some hardcore Olympic and power weightlifting got her strong and a PhD dropout and move to Melbourne led her to our AMS loving Bohemians. She now has changed her study to art conservation, plays bass and yells in many bands, and shouts 'FUCK YEAH' while coaching her class goers and troublemakers, with sassy sidekick/fluffy pants Bowie the cat. She likes heavy riffs while guiding you through a sweat sesh, your way.

"This studio is what I've been looking for - I've never learned so much about loving and accepting myself, all while working up a sweat with the biggest bunch of legends I've ever met!"

International yoga tourist, music lover and Coach SJ brings the rock and flow live and direct from Scotland. A student of ashtanga, vinyasa and Iyengar forms, SJ likens the quiet and potential from being in the present moment to the anticipation of waiting for a gig to kick off. 

She’ll take us on a tour through our own minds, help us tune out, turn on our hearts and turn up our curated tunes to 11. 

SJ has studied up on yoga’s positive psychological and physical aspects, using these to design watch and follow classes with a ripping soundtrack.

SJ Rocks and her gorge feline overlord Kaya provide diverse Yoga sessions, from moderate to high intense, energetic vinyasa sessions to the more gentle flowing Slow Flow or Yin Yoga. She can also coach us through deeply relaxing meditation classes.

SJ is in love with both yoga and music, which we reckon makes her a perfect match for you crew. YAY! 

Founded through a web of the weird, the dark, and the macabre, Lissa AKA Demoness is on a mission to break through all the limiting beliefs about what yoga should be and allow space to be yourself.

Whether you're just beginning your yoga practice, have been wild on the mat for a while, or have any other reason you have to start the practice, Lissa is there to help create that space for you to step onto your mat and be your own unique self. 

[Jo Bends] My movement journey began like that of many others, with the straightforward goal of wanting to touch my toes. I started practicing yoga for benefits including strength and flexibility. Soon into my journey, I realised that yoga was much more potent than anticipated. I fell in love with the practice and its positive effect on my mind and my body. These stay with me both on and off the mat.

I am now trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Rocket, and Yin. I believe that balance is vital in every aspect of life; where we have Yang, we must have Yin. It is my aim to bring both to each of my classes.

While I’ve gone way past the goal of touching my toes (it took a while), I’m still very much in love with my yoga journey. This comes through in my motivation and passion for teaching others. I am greatly influenced by those around me in each class and everyday life, incorporating the lessons each person brings into my practice. 

The General ("PINK HAIR" Nat) joined our crew back in 2012 and has risen the ranks through a Cadetship to be your HIIT + WEIGHTS COACH. Studying alongside Head Coach, Nat started hosting Backyard Bootcamps in 2019. During the COVID lockdown of 2020, The General used her strength and took to Zoom. 

When The General isn't training she can be found working on multiple projects over at Revolutionary Drones Records and Pirate Spirit.


What kick-arse Kiko doesn’t know about movin' ain’t worth knowin'. Fun, friendly and contagiously enthusiast, Kiko’s classes will help you smash your goals with feel-good ferocity.

Like a tiger. Roarrrrrrrr!

Lisa will be focusing on 9-week programs and her Studio for 2023, and we may feature pop-ups in collaboration with her from time to time, follow our schedule or socials for any updates. 

Vivacious and bubbly as a brook surrounded by fawns in a Disney movie, Boss Coach Lisa considers clients to be extended family. She embraces diversity, providing an inclusive and respectful space for humans of all shapes, sizes, ages, fitness levels, places on the gendered spectrum, and for those with special needs.

Keeping her sessions as diverse as her clientele, Lisa uses a variety of equipment - or "my toys" as she calls them. Her boss timer is never far from her side and you'll sometimes have one of her guest personalities leading the class, which is always a good time.

Lisa is always happy to chat and run through options appropriate to client needs or interests. Her creativity and imagination enhance her session plans, turning workouts into games, with new exercises bearing hilarious made-up names. 

Lisa is super informed, having completed a whole heap of movement training and gaining a long list of qualifications. Being a super qualified sweety, she confidently facilitates options for those whose physical state may be compromised or vulnerable. Lisa can easily plan alternate moves for injured and pre / post-natal clients, making sure everyone can take part and safely build on their strength. 

Fourteen years after starting her fitness career and with an ever-growing list of accomplishments, Lisa's love for her job remains infectious (in a good way). Go Lisa!

Hell-Yeah Haley is the almighty leader, gracing us Aussie fans with her presence from the other side of the world.

Haley had really never been much of a fitness or movement person. It was never a "club" she felt she belonged in. Spending a few years trying out different modalities, until Haley finally decided to try out power yoga around 2013. It was so hard, and so hot. It was around this time she also discovered Barre. Something about the challenge and release in these classes kept her coming back.

A few years and various teacher trainings later and she's fully drank the kool-aid and believes the practice of yoga and (movement in general) can absolutely change our lives, on many levels.

Hell-Yeah Haley's classes offer lots of challenge. She is passionate about building strength mindfully, and encouraging you to get through just ONE more countdown from 4...!

Coaching brings her so much joy and gratitude to be on the journey with so many awesome people, and is still in awe that some of those people are on the other side of the world! When she's not teaching, she enjoys vegan baking, collecting Halloween goodies, reading, and horror films.

Hell-Yeah Haley can't wait to see you on your mat, and LOVES beginners. So don't be shy and let's do this! Her motto for 2020 is, 'Because why the fuck not?'...

Please note: Some of Haley's classes accommodate new parents so if you've been wanting to get back to movement classes after having a human baby, Haley can coach you through.

Biochemist and ex-Supply Chain Professional turned Pilates instructor; Siew Teng is passionate about sharing the benefits of Pilates. Discovering this form some 20 years ago is also a cat lover and recent plant mum.

ST’s studies focused on whole-body wellness, healing through movement modalities and mind-body-spirit connectivity. 

Often described as patient, gentle, supportive and creative, ST will guide you through a methodical class plan with options and variations for different abilities. ST firmly believes that Pilates is for everyone. Her personal mantra is “everyone gets a good workout and no one gets left behind”. This is reflected in her ace classes because ST is happiest when participants have fun whilst achieving their movement goals.

Who’s Da Boss? Here’s a clue: it’s not Tony Danza! For our newbie followers, if you ever wonder just who exactly is running this thing we call Alternative Movement Studios AKA AMS here she is! Sabina ‘The Instigator’ Turner aka 'Head Coach' aka 'Sab Rules' on ZOOM. 

WHO DAT? Designer, social media manager by day, fervent footy player, and avid alternative rock/metal fan; Sabina successfully combines her passions into projects that help people thrive. Teaching fun af sessions to alternative and heavy music since 2012, Sabina eschews standard fitness group aims of weight loss or competition in favour of inspiring social inclusion and confidence in people. Never one to stop pushing herself, Sab has recently updated her training qualifications and will now be teaching more classes than ever before.

After a long-coming endometriosis diagnosis that led to surgery, Sab has become even more invested in applying movement as a pain management technique for chronic illness. She is deadly cereal about helping our crew keep their pain in check while overcoming mental barriers to do so. Sab remains annoyingly congenial in spite of it all, which is oddly inspiring at times. She knows flare ups are hard and provides a compassionate platform in which you can either use less impactful movement options or have a rest when you need, no judgement. 

If you’re ever nervous about trying a new class or shy, Sabina will make you feel right at home. 

Sabina doesn’t just run all things AMS – she also runs Alternative Activewear. Strong, Fierce af metalheads, rockers and alternative types rejoice – this activewear brand is made specifically for us! It’s all about black, animal print, swear words and strong af crew – with a hint of rational cat lady style and ‘Strayan! yumaaa.

There’s nothing more Boss Sabina loves than getting up from beneath the paperwork, coaching boxing and more. Biff along with ‘er online as your Coach for Sculptallica, Babes in Coreland, Move Like a Boxer, Muaythai, weights and more. 

So yeah, meet your Head Coach Sabina ‘The Instigator’. She isn’t just your fave coach, she’s also the Big Boss brains behind a bunch of stuff including curating kitty/puppy pics for our social medias.