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Embrace Your Strength [and Confidence]

When you think of a powerful poser, who comes to mind? Is it Wonder Woman? Superman? Xena the Princess Warrior? Perhaps the Fembots from Austin Powers or Beyoncé?

In POWERRR POSE, we adopt stances associated with confidence, power and achievement—chest lifted, head held high, arms either up or propped on the hips. While not a traditional yoga class, we do borrow a bunch of moves from the practice.

Power poses are more than just physical postures; they're signals to your mind that you're ready to conquer challenges with confidence. 

Wear whatever makes you feel like a fucken boss—whether it's an '80s power suit [ditch the shoulder pads if you need more room] or donning gear that allows you to bend and reach. Limber up and carry that strength and air of confidence with you throughout your day, night, week!

Slow controlled movements, suitable for most, it would be great to have blocks, cushions, gippy surface, chair, door frame or wall for balance support.

It's okay if you prefer to keep your confidence a secret, but don't be surprised if you start radiating in the days following your session. 

Your coach will most likely break the rules when it comes to music, opting for ripping powerful af ballads and uplifting tunes. 

Are you ready to embrace your almighty strength? It might sound a bit awks, yep, but whatevs, it will be super fun!


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