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Alternative Activewear


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Freshen up your skin pre-special event with this blood orange-based wonder. An all-in-one exfoliant, it has an added boost of vegan lactic acid to refine and hydrate your face parts. With a delicious citrus smell, glycolic papaya enzymes and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) break down dead skin cells and increase cellular turnover, leaving you with a refined, plumped up complexion. Fresh as.

Application: Apply to a damp face / neck every 1-2 weeks by dispensing the desired amount onto ya fingertips. Then gently message the exfoliant onto your damp skin, avoiding eye area. Rinse off thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth. 

Please note: While designed to be gentle, those with sensitive skin should be sure to do a patch test before all over application.
Those using AHA products should be sure to use daily sunscreen.

Please also note: this product is available now for shipping within Australia only.