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Alternative Activewear


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Get scrubby with volcanic ash to slay dead skin and kick-start your body’s circulation. An all-rounder ingredient, volcanic ash is known to cleanse the skin, clear blemishes and heal inflammation. 

Exfoliating coconut husk, detoxifying sea salt and hydrating coconut oil work together to make you smooth pretty much all over. Lemon essential oil adds aroma and antibacterial properties. An excellent product for healing skin issues like booty and back acne or bikini-line irritation. 

Application: Apply to damp skin in circular motions, working from your heels up to ya bum and anywhere above. Apply the desired amount as often as you feel. We recommend every 2-3 days.

This process creates a pathway that allows further moisture absorption, provided by argan oil and a superabundance of shea and cocoa butters.

Please note: this product is available now for shipping within Australia only.