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Alternative Activewear


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Treat your precious skin to nothin' but a good time with this pretty natural af exfoliant. Ingredients include granulated bamboo, which can remove dead skin cells, dirt or makeup without turning you into a dehydrated Inca Mummy Girl. It goes on with a gel-like texture with light grain bamboo extracts to get into those dirty deeds.

Great for a post-party refresh, pomegranate assists in regenerating cells and refining ya skin texture. Grapefruit Peel Essential Oil invigorates ya mug and gets your cells stimulated. Noiiiice.

Plus it's easy as to use - massage into your damp skin for around 30 seconds, and rinse it off with tepid water to leave you looking ace and smelling refreshingly citrus-like. Dry with a clean cloth and ya done.

Got sensitive skin? No wozzas, the combination of natural ingredients gently caresses your skin like a cat's loving floof*. Or something.

Look we know you're a spunk already but why not show your epidermis some love at the end of the day. Totally treat yo self mate, you're very much worth it.

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