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Witch me with ya best shot and unleash the divine sorcery within.

It’s Witching Hour! Time to assemble ya coven and call on ya familiars, the witches at AWF have designed workouts especially for dedicating time to honouring yourself. Our new ONLINE program promises to conjure the deepest fitness desires within that mystical soul, whilst creating a space for you to thrive and empower.

Shout your curses into the sky and leave behind those winter blues, your sorceress inside has no time for hexin’ unless she’s flexin’. This ain’t no hocus pocus here, only full blown celestial magick to work that sacred bod of yours in ways you never even thought possible. No Book of Shadows required, but if ya have an incantation to dedicate ya practice give it a yell— all degrees of witchcraft are accepted.

Gracing your magick circle from 15 June - 12 July, so get your wands at the ready because bookings are essential! (Check dates on each booking page)