How to get your Groove Back, AMS - Style!

How to get your Groove Back, AMS - Style!

For the larger part of last year, I found myself fairly immobile.

Emotionally paralyzed and more physically restricted than what I’m accustomed to, I did my best to modify my activity level and mental tolerance in a realistic balance. My body has always been of the “chunky yet funky” variety with no fucks given about that. Feeling strong always trumps the appearance of body shape; the point is to chase that good physical tiredness and shatter the mind fuck of breaking that proverbial wall.

Get sweaty. Typically matched with a meticulously selected playlist. And sometimes cuss words. Okay, a lot of times cuss words, which is great because there are health benefits! See: The Benefits of Swearing During Exercise @#$%&!+

As 2023 approached, I started prepping for the opportunity to get my groove back, kinda like Stella did back in the 90s (awesome soundtrack still standing the test of time, by the way.) The home gym I mostly ignored in 2022 got to see my face a bit more. The kitchen pantry subsequently saw me less. I even hired a personal trainer who is helping me get back into shape. (If you’ve ever been to a gym with a comparatively unfit body, then you know how overwhelming that feels.) Yet, I still found myself frustrated with workouts and needed additional support and I stumbled on the Alternative Movement Studio fam.

Initially lured in by black-and-white color schemes and then taken by their inclusive mission, I trolled some course offerings and registered. Sweat Storm?Babes in CorelandSculptallicaSign me the hell up!

No two are uniformly the same, even by name. Having been a fortunate participant in Sab’s Elastica class several times now, my body feels like it’s been moved in diverse ways each sesh. The foundations of movement are consistent, yet the applications provide variety so you don’t get bored. And even though it’s online, AMS coaches observe you (and sometimes your dog!) on screen, provide gentle modifications to make things more challenging or easier based on the workout you want to achieve, and make you laugh all the while. All you really need for most classes is a little space to move and a device to stream classes from. It’s super accessible, approachable, and is come as you are, like Kurt Cobain said or whatever.

Have you ever done a workout to Nirvana? As someone who frequently listens to, well, the most random shit ever while training, I appreciate a nod to the soul-fulfilling stuff that goes beyond the current top 40. I’ve lifted to Warren Zevon, yoga-ed to Slayer, and thanks to my 7-year-old, done cardio alongside the Harry Potter soundtrack. These tunes are amazing misfit workout buddies and provide a welcoming backdrop to making my body and mind better extensions of wellness.

AMS recognizes music as a strong counterpart to a workout and curates a super-rad playlist to accompany each class offered. They spin everything from Motörhead and Judas Priest to Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, and...Dylan? Every mix is classic/glam/alternative rock perfection with some additional twists thrown in and developed for each class allowing you and your ears to glow like the badass you are.It makes youwantto hang in there with your workout, if for no other reason than to hear what’s coming on next. The endurance becomes less focused on the time or the quantity, sometimes driven by just one more song. Obviously, you can crush anything for three minutes, especially if it’s to “Ace of Spades.”

And I’ve realized that AMS is the kind of soundtrack to which I want to get my groove back; not just auditory, but within the fitness culture that exists today. Because getting in shape just to feel marginally more confident at the gym seems silly. Plus, their music probably sucks anyway.

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Posted by: Sab - Head Coach

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