The Benefits of Swearing During Exercise @#$%&!+

The Benefits of Swearing During Exercise @#$%&!+

Swearing one’s arse off can be cathartic and it’s certainly something we as a club invite, nay we encourage it. You’re fucken welcome.

What all the naysayers who poo poo 💩 (shit pun intended) swearing don’t know is, letting the swear words fly has plenty of benefits. Yeah right, we hear yas say, but we’re not here to fuck spiders, it’s science mate. And science is our friend.

So what the shit can a string of swears do for us? We’re bloody glad you asked. Check this shit out;

  1. Let’s start with honesty. Yeah – stick that in your vape and smoke it, pearl clutchers. A cross-university study ‘ found a consistent positive relationship between profanity and honesty; profanity was associated with less lying and deception at the individual level and with higher integrity at the society level’ (Feldman et al, 2017). So the next time someone starts tut tutting about you letting it rip, tell them to do their own bloody research.
  2. Swearing can help make you bloody strong. Nah, yeah, it can. Far out brussel sprout. Swearing is allegedly an autonomic function. And according to kewl science peeps experiments it can deliver ‘Greater maximum performance’ when ‘compared with the non-swearing conditions’ (Stephens, Spierer, and Katehis, 2018). It appears those yelly tennis dudes are onto something. So ner.
  3. Swearing aloud reduces pain. Well kinda. According to the boffins above, losing your verbal shit increases our pain tolerance. So if your immediate response to the cat jumping on your boobs or dropping a book on your foot is a string of obscenities, you’re actually helping yourself deal. Convenient, hey? Of course this is also handy when we’re pushing ourselves during a session, or the day after when our muscles are angry and sore in a good way.
  4. And finally, my fave one: Rather than indicating of an insufficient command of the English language, swearing has been shown to be a sign of fluency and intelligence. According to Jay and Jay (2015) ‘the ability to generate taboo language is not an index of overall language poverty’. So the next time someone has a go at you for swearing, you can tell them to get stuffed.

So feel free to let it rip (not in the same way as the NSW government but) verbally and release some tension in any of our classes. Actually, not all of them, probs give it a rest during yin and meditation sessions. Although as everyone’s muted, if you find yourself slipping out of your pigeon pose and let rip a contextual four letter word, all good mate. 

Finally sessions for bad ass babes who love to swear. A LOT. Best done after a bad day or a good day, or a day. Either way having an outlet for one's foul mouth makes for fun times that are good for your chakras and shit.

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