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Alternative Activewear


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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em Cause Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice Around Here!

Tote-ally let the cat out of the bag with this one! Perfect for making sure you never leave your gear behind, carrying your groceries around or even keeping ya phone, wallet and keys together! The CAT TOTE design features the signature Cat print in POP RED with white bolts behind on the front, reverse there's more bolts, yessss!

This collab between Cat Franke and Alternative Women’s Fitness combines Punk, Cats and Attitude to get you in the mood for all your daily activities from ass-kicking to beer-sipping. The logo, custom designed by Ruth Mora @_meanmachine, was inspired by Cat's iconic (and favourite) knee tattoo and AWF's signature lightning bolt found in their hearts. What a better way to combine powers than to have a roaring panther shooting lightning bolts out of its eyes?

  • 100% spun polyester fabric
  • Bag size approx. 38cm x 38cm
  • Capacity – around 10l
  • Maximum weight limit – around 12kg
  • Dual handles 100% natural cotton denim
  • Handle length 30 cm x width 2.5cm

This item is from our Custom Collection. These are small run, individually made, unique pieces that are tops quality and really stand out in a crowd. Yeah, this means they take a little longer to be made and shipped: orders are processed on a Tuesday and then take 10 – 15 days to get to you. It's totes worth it, to wear ethical, quality, individual style over bland commercial sweat-shop fast-fashion.