Exhale the bullshit, inhale the rock, and flowing since 2012.

Yoga For Rockers combines traditional yoga techniques and backs them with a themed soundtrack. Sessions are moderate to high intensity. They include a balance of energetic vinyasa sequences, dynamic hatha poses with restorative yoga and meditative practices weaved in towards the end. Expect a noice flow sequence followed by some longer holds.

We reckon Yoga For Rockers is the perfect way to complement life and a love of a bangin' good tune.

Your ensemble should feature comfy gear that allows movement, with the choice to rock socks or go barefoot, whichever works. Keep some extra layers handy just in case, particularly in cooler weather. You can bring the fun by dressing up to our playlist themes - you’ll have a blast and leave your trainer stoked. Personally we love getting in the spirit by rocking leg warmers, bandanas and band tees, with extra gold stars for local band merch.

Don’t forget your water bottle and rock’n’roll attitude. Stretch out on your yoga mat, a large towel or a pull up a rug. Keep cushions/ yoga blocks handy if you have any.

Bookended by a lovingly curated playlist, we’ll supply the banging tunes. No whale moaning or dolphin nonsense in our classes, ever. We swear on Siouxsie Sioux, so you know we’re serious.