It might sound cheesy, but our newest session combines an awesomely appetizing low impact class, with a rich reward after! PiZZA-FiT! After all, AWF has never been about dieting or calorie counting. We're about moving, thriving and enjoying life. And what makes life more enjoyable than pizza!? Head Coach Sabina will take you through a well-seasoned warm-up, followed by a combo of cardio and (body weight / resistance) strength, before savouring slow and controlled stretch and tone movements.Then after toning your tummy and melting your muscles, we'll crush those cravings with some carby goodness! Feast with your fellow fitness fiends and chat over the cheese, and go home feeling scrumptiously satisfied. For class: Wear tees, leggings and sneakers, or anything comfy you can move in, plus an extra layer in cold weather and bring a water bottle + towel for class.