Ya know AMS reckon's music is medicine, and since chaos is rampant ATM we've upped your dose, prescribing a heavy metal yoga session to remedy moshin' bods, headbangin' sore heads and just life in general.

As you (Hellraiser's) tap your tootsies and indulge in some stretchy self-care goodness to the bestest of the best heavy tunes. Get ready for everything from feel good brutal to ripping ballads.
Indulge yourself in some time when Nothing Else Matters except changing focus from the Crazy Train of life to being at One with yourself.

All this as metal maiden Epic April takes you by the hand and leads you to the promised land of flow, then slipping into a range of restorative poses at an easy pace, breathing at your own rate. Calm you inner Demon, notice some Changes and exit this session beaming like a Rainbow In The Dark.

Wear a band tee and leggings or any comfy gear that allows movement, with socks or bare feet.
PLEASE NOTE: You must arrive 2-3 minutes early or be Abandoned At The Gates.

Side note: Your Head Coach thought she had retired windmilling until recently, when her hair grew out and a tops tune came on. At that point some spontaneous moshing was inevitable. Get into it at home and feel South Of Heaven, bang on and book as your recovery progresses on the regs! (And yes we take song requests!)

Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.

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