High-intensity interval training (or HIIT for short) alternates intense periods of exermacise followed by brief rest periods.

These intervals are put on repeat until your cellular structure breaks down and you transform into a pool of sweat. Don't let that scare you; It truly is an epic workout but we believe in you. 

As you go for it and then stop and then go for it again in each sesh, you'll get stronger and stronger until one day you'll be able to open enough jars of pickled onions to solve world hunger (results may vary).

You'll likely be doing a lot of grunting, panting, swearing... If that's not something you want to share, feel free to mute up or join the chorus with a pack of likeminded legends.

HIIT is all about drilling your fitness level, with a supportive Coach and group on ya side to keep you going even when you're ready to nap. You'll finish feeling confident, sweaty and STRONG AF!

Have a towel ready to soak up the tsunami of sweat, and be sure to dress warm so you can shed all the layers and have plenty of water handy. Oh and don’t forget to tee up the curated playlist that might help motivate ya to really-truly-rooly go for it. Use a mat or towel for any random floor work and bare feet are best! You don't want to roast ya tootsies off.