It's time to get bewitched ’n’ bendy af. Cast a flexy hex on ya body and find yaself stretchin’ like never before! The shapes you’ll find yaself creating with ya beaut bod will amaze and astound.

FLEXIBELLE is a sesh designed to have you toning, bending and twisting your bod like a pro. Being a contortionist doesn’t have to be your goal, just rock up and see where the stretch takes ya! You’ll build the foundations to grow flexibility, whether that’s touchin’ ya toes, doing the splits or strengthening your magical core.

Master Trainer and sorceress Epic April will actively and passively move your joints through full ranges of motion, whilst incorporating techniques to support and protect those lovely bones and muscles of yours. Over time you’ll gain more awareness about ya bod and the enchanting magick it's fully capable of—you might just surprise yourself!

Just watch and follow as Epic April guides us through standing and mainly floor positions, all levels of sorcery are catered for here. Various degrees of difficulty are offered at the perfect pace, ensuring all participating witches can keep up without feeling bored or stupefied.

Wear ya finest spell casting comfies, or perhaps a band tee, just nothing too floppy... We know the temptation to keep ya witch’s hat on during class is tempting, but it might hinder you from reachin’ that full hexy ’n’ flexy potential.

Bare feet or socks, we don’t care! However, in the cooler weather extra layers are a must. Don’t forget a hydrating brew, blocks / cushion a large towel (or a yoga mat if you have one).

Adult themes, strictly grown up vibes required.