Welcome to your next escape: the Cathedral of Calm, an extraordinary meditation experience where the profound depths of doom music intertwine with the serenity of introspection. 
In this 30-minute sanctuary, we invite you to surrender to the slow, thunderous pulse. Let the weighty guitar riffs and resonating bass lines guide you into a state of profound stillness. As the sombre melodies wash over you, they will carry you to a place where darkness meets solace, and where the heaviness of sound becomes a vessel for inner harmony.

Doom music, with its deliberate tempo and haunting tonalities, opens a gateway to deep reflection and emotional release. Our experienced guides, under April's expert guidance, will lead you through meditative techniques that harmonise with the melancholic allure of the genre. Explore the vast landscape of your inner world, finding catharsis and tranquillity within the rich tapestry of sound.

Dress comfortably, allowing freedom to breathe and move. Embrace fabrics mirroring the ambient atmosphere—soft, flowing, and embracing the shadows. Leave behind everyday armour; here, we unveil and cultivate serenity, oh, and maybe grab a sweater/ Blanket if it's chilly.

Prepare to be captivated by the fusion of heavy rhythms and meditative serenity as the Cathedral of Calm becomes your sanctuary. Join us in this unparalleled exploration where the power of music intertwines with the art of meditation, guided by the expertise of our formidable coach, April. Embrace the darkness, embrace the solace, and embark on a journey of profound transformation.
Your epic escape awaits!

Adult themes and strictly grown-up vibes are required.