Traveling and Fitness; HOW DO WE DO BOTH AT ONCE?

Traveling and Fitness; HOW DO WE DO BOTH AT ONCE?

A few weeks back, I took an adventure to the Pacific Northwest in the United States. This area includes musically iconic cities like Seattle and Portland, and is also known for lush forests and lengths of pristine coastline. 

Maintaining fitness traction

On top of my initial travel plans being delayed due to the pandemic, a problem I found myself facing was that travel could potentially open up a black hole when it comes to maintaining nutrition and strength. After working so hard to regain strength, losing fitness traction was definitely a concern. To maintain a commitment to my health I planned to be as active as possible. When traveling, especially in areas without wi-fi or a lack of equipment, keeping myself moving would need a creative approach.

Mobile forms of movement practice

Yoga and Pilates are great practices to utilise when mobile - everything you need is with or on you. On my trip I used these forms of movement to lead myself through mornings and evenings; they are great for limbering up and winding down. On top of this I gained an energy boost by carrying a weighted backpack (also known as rucking) for the rest of the day. 

To compare and contrast yoga and Pilates further, you can read AMS’s blog post: The Breakdown: Yoga Vs. Pilates to determine which is appropriate for you.  

Looking for more?

Your effort to maintain a wellness schedule doesn’t have to stop at yoga, Pilates or carrying a heavy bag by any means. Some may find they’re craving that sweaty, strong feeling which is hard to recreate when on a touristy schedule. After all there are beers to drink, local food to try and bucket lists to check off. Once I made it to my destination(s) I realised that I didn’t want to be complacent; I actually craved a bit more. 

This was where HIIT (Classic) with Epic April, offering up a quick, non-stop dose of strength building movement. And April came in hotttttt. Which is also how I finished the session - Sweaty AF.  

I was five minutes late to class but I showed up (and as we say at AMS: That’s half the battle). There I was, crashing my buddy’s kids’ room; side planking, squatting, and dancing my way around scattered Lego and Pokémon accessories. I may still have a Pikachu action figure embedded in my left buttcheek. Chalk that permanent Pika imprint up to sticking with a goal that remains more important than my body sinking into inaction.

April’s curated HIIT playlist provided the perfect backdrop to physically being in Seattle. While I got an Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana and Pearl Jam fix on the plane, I always welcome more music from that era.

As soon as Mudhoney’s finest dropped in my ears, I was onto it and transported back in time. Touch Me, I’m Sick always reminds me of the grunge scene-based movie “Singles” which features a song called Touch Me I'm Dick by the made-up band Citizen Dick.
Eddie Vedder played the drummer in Citizen Dick, and supplied the vocals for Matt Dillon’s character; frontman Cliff Poncier. Cliff serves up some existential philosophy on the dichotomy of dick (or not) touching and how the band are a big deal in Belgium. (See:
The movie makes me want to form a Kira Sedgwick-like smile of endearment as I stare dreamily into the horizon, reflecting on music, love and all sorts.

I left the horizon alone however, as I felt consistency should be a necessary component in looking after my body far from home. Not just for appearance’s sake, but to know my body was strengthened and shown some love. 

I found strategies of simplicity and planning, then working in the HIIT class, made it easy to execute wellness maintenance while on the road.

Having access to AMS online classes certainly helped too. 

What are some things that work for you while travelling?

Written by @siliconeandvinyl

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