Movement: From Dread to Joy

Movement: From Dread to Joy

Exercise. That evil old word that fills a lot of us with dread/ anxiety. It’s often followed with other triggering phrases and associations- Gym, punishment, burning calories, bikini body, weight loss, shred, grunting gym bro’s etc. It goes on and on. EW!

I know for me at least these things have in the past led to unmaintainable and somewhat unhealthy patterns when it came to moving my body.

I used to kind of laugh, even guffaw at people who said they loved to exercise. ‘Ha! Who are they fooling?!’ I’d think ‘Not me!’

BUT turns out exercise can be awesome! What if you could actually enjoy.. Even …LOVE?! it?

Half the battle of maintaining consistency with movement is finding something that you actually enjoy doing on the regs!
Another thing that definitely helps is finding a great supportive community of like minded legends to move with, just like we have here on Alternative Movement Studio.

Also, not to mention finding out about the absolute plethora of bloody amazing benefits movement has beyond dumb diet culture stuff.

One of the biggest benefits (in my opinion) is the effect movement can have on mental health. Have you ever finished an exercise class or a hike or whatever and without even realising felt pretty bloody chuffed about everything after? They’re endorphins! 

Love those for us!

There’s also all of the long term benefits (including but not limited to) self confidence, strength, flexibility, independence as we get older, stronger bones and lot’s more!

Something else I’ve discovered through this journey is that sometimes it’s really satisfying and rewarding to challenge yourself and push back on some beliefs or fears you may have around your own limitations. 

Recently I went on a holiday to Aotearoa and my partner and I did the 19.4km Tongariro Alpine Crossing day hike. 

It was definitely physically challenging but probably more so it was mentally challenging in needing to trust my body to keep me safe and steady. 

Plus, I am really not great with heights at the best of times let alone when it’s windy AF and I’m fatigued AF. *cut to me crouched down on the ground at the top because I was freaking out! lol*
But you better believe we were so bloody SMUG and PROUD of ourselves when we completed it. (Also the ice cold tinny I drank when I got back to our accom. may have been the most delicious beer of my life haha)

So find some movement that you enjoy! Maybe try something you thought you could never do, you may just surprise yourself. 

Whether it’s hiking, dancing, an online class on AMS, moshing at a gig, Powerwalking Kath and Kim Style, a silly game of table tennis at the pub or whatever floats ya boat and I reckon finding consistency will become a whole lot easier. 

Exercise should never be a form of punishment. Our bodies are amazing and they deserve to be loved and respected and to TAKE UP SPACE!

What inspires you to move?

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