Mental As Anything

Mental As Anything

Do you find the wintery months increase episodes of depression? Attending our classes could help with that. And nah, we’re not just saying it. There are science bits to back us up. Let us be your SAD lamp. 

[Watch video: SAD Scene from Broadcity]

According to boffins at Harvard, about 35 minutes of physical activity per day may help protect us against ‘incident depression’. For each additional four hours of physical activity per week, the study recorded a 17 per cent reduction in odds of a new depressive episode, even when the subjects were genetically predisposed.

But that’s not all – exercise can help ease anxiety and decrease stress, yeah noice.

Engaging in activity can divert our attention from anxiety triggers while also:

  • Helping control the brain’s amygdala, which is the system that reacts to real or imagined threats. This can be affected by trauma or other issues.
  • Decreasing muscle tension or other tension so you’ll feel less knotted up and release stress
  • Increasing the availability of anti-anxiety neurochemicals, including delicious serotonin.
  • Bolstering resilience against feeling shit.

As a bonus, if you simply can not be arsed, your 35 minutes of movement needn’t be hardcore. You can engage in yoga, take the cat for a walk or engage in one of our fun dance classes – your call. How you move is up to you, so long as you do.

We know it’s hard to turn up when you’re not feeling great. These are some of the ways we can help:

  • Providing a level of social engagement that you can control through online classes; if you don’t want to talk, that’s all good. You won’t have the added stress of travel either.
  • Offering a diverse range of options at differing times to fit both morning and evening types.
  • Allowing you to turn off your camera in certain classes.
  • Enthusiastic but non-pushy trainers who can help all crew by advising on class selection.
  • A safe, inclusive, supportive environment where resting is not frowned upon.
  • Kick arse music themes.
  • The ability to have your pets nearby for support.
  • Stress relief through swearing and not scary positive slogans.

Lastly, an exercise schedule can help you build a routine supporting positive habits. This, in turn, can help increase your confidence and strength. But, no matter if you feel like absolute shit, we’ll have your back.

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