Acid plays drums for the sexiest rock’n’rollers in Melbourne, Cash.

Between hitting drums so hard she literally breaks them, Acid took a sec to tell us a few fast facts about her drumming history.

Acid you play drums for Cash. How long have you been doing that for?

“I have been deafening rock fans for most weekends for the last two years.”

What was the first song you ever learned to play on a kit?

“Ooohh.... ‘[Smells Like] Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana, in high school.”

Do you have an ultimate drumming hero/heroine? 

“Cindy Blackman. The Tina Turner of the drum kit.”

Have you ever drummed so hard you broke your equipment?

“I did just get a Meinl Byzance crash replaced as it had a crack near the bell, so.... That's a yes!”

Finally Acid what's news for Cash right now and when can we see you play next? 

“Cash's debut album is due out around March next year. It was recorded on the desk that used to live on Neil Young's ranch! And we are doing four Saturdays in a row at Prince Public Bar in St.Kilda starting on Saturday December 16.”

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