C U on the Internets

C U on the Internets

One positive that has come from the COVID19 shitshow is the innovative ways in which humans have applied their thinking to stay connected. This was especially so for us, as we took classes online and hoped for the best.

It’s no secret that being loud and proud is at the forefront of the AWF manifesto. We aim to provide an inclusive space where club members can do their thing and have fun; without any of the usual bullshit that keeps people away from fitness clubs. We are a club for people who aren’t that keen on dragging ourselves to a gym. We are a club suited to misfits and rebels. And out of that has risen a pretty fucken rad community of legends. Good eggs and fierce, funny crew. You all turned up for us, but more importantly; for yourself. For that we thank you.

Now as things looked like they were returning to ‘normal’ (whatever the fuck that was in the first place) we are faced with additional restrictions or lockdowns. And after they lift we must decide on our next move; do we cut the online access and go back to IRL or what?

Fuck no, and also yes. Online classes will remain but there may be IRL options when allowed. We’re in the process of working it all out RN, ironing out the kinks and seeing what fits. This won't include any of our international classes unless you own a vehicle that travels through time and space. 

To say a big CU next Tuesday (hopefully) to COVID19, here is a list of reasons, all starting with C, as to why we’re going to keep streaming;

Convenience: In providing streamed classes we can reach those of you who reside not just on the other side of the city, but also the other side of the country and indeed the world.
We can schedule some of your fave overseas trainers and sister clubs directly into your lounge room. And you don’t have to leave home, not one bit – no driving or PT. SWEEEEEEET. Plus you can totally go to the loo and make funny noises when and if you need. The mics are off; no one will know if you fart.
You can wear your kit to bed if you have an early morning class. Cat knows we have. Roll out of bed and straight onto your mat – simples. Roll back in and take a nap.

Control: Being at home means you control the space – you can set the temperature of the room how you like, set up your equipment the way you want and angle the camera to your best side; handy for those of us who occasionally find we’ve ripped our tights in a cardio frenzy.
Got a break between classes? Pop in the shower. Whack your dinner in the oven so it’s cooking while you are. Chuck a tinnie in the fridge for afters. Why the bloody hell not?
Plus if you do split your pants, there should be another pair nearby – it’s your house, you have access to all your things.

Community Contact: While we might not all be together IRL, as individuals we can still maintain a sense of community by checking in with one another, developing friendships and support networks.
Better still, if you suffer from social anxiety, connecting with someone via the wonders of the internets may be easier – as mentioned; you’re in control. Cameras can go off if you’re feeling overwhelmed and let your trainer know. Technically; you’re still in contact with people. Well that’s what I tell my shrink.

Comfort: This is one of our fave reasons to keep online classes. As well as controlling your room’s temperature etc you can wear your jammies to stretch classes, set up a pillow fort, go straight to bed after a tough set or just fall asleep during meditation like Sab does.

Burn your fave candles or incense during class; Zoom doesn’t have smellavision. Get as sweaty as you like – no one’s judging you and as we mentioned the shower isn’t too far away. You could even run a relaxing bath after a strenuous sesh. Mmmmm, bath.

Cats (and Doggos): Speaking of comfort and community contact, our furry, scaly, feathery besties are welcome to join our online sessions, whereas most studio environments don’t allow them. Rude or what? Sometimes pets are the stars of the show. You haven’t lived if you’ve not experienced downward dog as your face is being licked by an overly affectionate pooch or puss. Pets also tend to bring us together as human beings; we want to follow them on Insta or just know how they’ve been. Plus, if you’re allergic the online environment is ideal to enjoy other peoples’ pets without needing a whole lot of antihistamines. Yeah noice.

Our final c word is sadly not cookies, but you can chuck them in if you like.

We don’t know what the future holds in terms of mega-viruses or Godzilla eating our cities. We do know whatever it is, we’d like to keep offering you a consistent and comfortable space to keep moving, to keep healthy and to keep having fun. What do ya reckon team?


[images unknown. Except, April with Jez the doggo]

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