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Alternative Activewear


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Stick it to the patriarchy like lawyer Sue MacGregor who, in 1993, floored a Magistrate when she turned up to court in polka dot stockings and a skirt above the knee. She was then un-ceremoniously kicked out of court. Because of her ensemble. No, for reals, that is a thing that happened.

Your honour, the defence rests with exhibit A, an extreme eye roll. Le sigh.

Pop on these comfy arsed custom leggings and kick some arse like Sue. The classic dots can be matched with the rest of your wardrobe; under skirts, frocks, a long band tee, etc. Versatile as. As a custom piece these take a little longer to arrive, being made to order by an ethical manufacturer.

Features include:

  • 82% polyester / 18% elastane
  • Material has a four-way stretch, which means fabric stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains
  • Made with a smooth, comfy microfiber yarn
  • Raised waistband
  • Precision-cut and hand-sewn after printing.
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This garment is part of our Custom Collection. We’re all about individual style over commercial sweat-shop fast fashion and the pieces in this range reflect that. The garments are individually made, unique for you that are ace quality and stand out in a tsunami of blandness.
Due to the extra care in their construction, these pieces take a little longer to be made and shipped. It's totes worth it when the pay-off is wearing an ethical, quality garment owned by an exclusive few. Posh hey?
Please note: Orders are sent through on a Tuesday and then take 10 – 20 days to get to you. Oh, and FYI: ya gotta be careful about picking the right size. To do this please refer to our handy as size guide. This will help you work out which size reflects the type of fit you want. You can also check out the blurb on each garment, where the fit (loose or tight etc) should be listed.