Recovery is not a new, whoop-di-doo concept. But the world is slowly waking up to the fact that rest days and active recovery are ultra-important to keep bods and minds healthy. Stretching is of the utmost importance, so we're offering a watch-and-follow style sesh that will leave you loose and practically floating on clouds. We might throw in some deeper options focusing on the body’s fascia (a thin connective tissue that sits under the skin) instead of your muscles. This boosts blood flow, and improves alignment issues, helping with pain, flexibility and mobility, while reducing the risk of injury. ‘Oh, stretch’ is heaps important, particularly if you don't have an ice bath handy.
A few minutes of stretching every day can make a huuuuge difference in how you feel. Benefits of stretching include improved posture and sleep, less injury risk, and a clearer mind.
If you really can't be effed, join, flop on the floor, leave your camera off and only do what ya can. 

Adult themes, strictly grown-up vibes required.