(Camera required)

Like yoga, martial arts is a way of moving based on a philosophy of mindfulness and balance. Martial Arts can develop your physical, mental and spiritual core through specific types of movement that are centuries old. 

Boss Sara Grace, from our New York-based sister project, SGP Fight Club, is a lifelong martial artist and embodies martial arts values of respect, integrity, humility and loyalty. She brings these to our sessions, helping participants regulate movement, emotion and reactions. This can have a positive and long-lasting effect on your mental well-being, which is the aim of all our sessions.

As a discipline, martial arts can build confidence and allow you to face all kinds of things. Plus it looks pretty bloody cool too. While this form of movement is known as a discipline, Sara delivers fun, technique-based classes that move so fast that if you blink you may miss the seconds ticking by. But don't let that intimidate you, each class is live, user-friendly and watch + follow-based - you’ll have the backup of Sara and the rest of the group. 

These martial arts sessions are truly epic workouts that will challenge all levels, forever refining your technique as you go.

You'll likely be doing a lot of grunting. If that's not something you want to share, feel free to mute up.

Have a towel ready to soak up any sweat, dress warm to start so you can shed all the layers and have plenty of water handy. Use a mat or towel for any random floor work and bare feet are best!

The Coach will double as a DJ, serving up tunes via Zoom to keep you pumped and moving. Get ready for a workout that's gonna make you feel all the feels and like a total badass! You'll finish feeling pretty bloody accomplished, sweaty, and STRONG AF!